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An 8-Week Class to Help You Finally Launch Your App Idea


Look, I get it!


You came up with a killer app idea ðŸ§ 


It’s been on your mind...



✅ Maybe your app will help people ðŸ’¡


✅ Maybe it makes things easier ðŸ’¡


✅ And maybe it'll be fulfilling for you launch 💡


Problem is, you have no idea where to start.


You're not a tech idiot... you can email, use Microsoft Office, that kind of stuff.


But you've never built an app before.


There's new technology that let's you easily build your own app📱 in 60 days ðŸ˜®

You can drag, drop, point & click.. like you're making a PowerPoint. And then you can logically tell the app what to do... in English, not some alien computer language

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Wondering how I know this? name is Tara Reed and I’m a tech entrepreneur.


Before becoming an entrepreneur, I used to work at Google, Foursquare, & Microsoft. 

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When I left my corporate job in 2015, I never thought I’d become a female tech entrepreneur. 🙌🏾


My plan was to climb up the corporate ladder.


But here I am… 


→ a woman ✅

→ traveling the world, working from my laptop ✅

→ running a $1 million per year app business 😲

Yup, I said it… My app business made $1,000,000 this year! 🎉 

2016: Launched my first app & made $150,000

2017: Raised $300,000 from investors

2018: Launched more apps. Made $500,000

2019: Made $1,000,000

My journey to become my own boss has been amazing and fulfilling!!


This is me in August... when I decided to work from Hawaii for the month!


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When I started, the #1 BEST 🧠THING I did was work with a coach.

When I started, I had a bunch of challenges:


❌  Hiring someone to build my app cost $30,000 and I simply didn't have that kind of money. 


❌  Learning to code was going to take a whole year and I didn’t have that kind of time. 


❌ Plus I didn’t have a business partner.


I was frustrated…




The #1 best thing I did was work with a coach.


My coach (his name was Gary) made everything easier for me


I took his class….


This is me taking Gary’s tech entrepreneurship class in 2014

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My apps have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine & on the TED stage!

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After getting a Startup Coach & launching my first app,🤯 crazy things started to happen.


Forbes wrote an article about my journey to success as a tech entrepreneur...


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And I got invited to do a TED talk... on building apps without code ðŸ™Œ

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Oh and Entrepreneur Magazine featured me in their Young Millionaires edition ðŸ¤¯

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This week, I'm gonna help you build & market YOUR app idea!










Yup, I’m talking to you!


After having so much success as a tech entrepreneur, I'm going to help you build & market YOUR app idea.


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My app coaching program is called Apps Without Code Bootcamp!


The Entrepreneurs I coach are having so many #Wins


The entrepreneurs I coach are having so many #Wins

Majidah created an app that lets moms trade child care for child care.


I showed her how to create it!!


She charges her customers $56/mo for her app which means she only needs 148 customers to make $100,000 this year! ðŸŽ‰

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Brandie built an online directory app for Latinx therapists.


She learned how to create it in Bootcamp ðŸŽˆ


Listen, she made her first $1000 in 30 days ðŸ¾ðŸ¥‚


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And Clint got the American Red Cross to be the FIRST customer of his donations app. ðŸ™Œ

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Here's what you'll get in Apps Without Code  Bootamp

the coaching & confidence you need to launch this thang!


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Part 1: App Building Classes


Join me for easy tutorials & weekly trainings on how to create your unique app. ðŸ§ 


Learn to use new technology lets you drag, drop, point & click 🤯 to make your unique sophisticated app.


If you get stuck, you can just share your computer screen with me, & I'll help you get unstuck âœï¸

What kinds of apps will I learn to make in Bootcamp?

Some people assume you can only build simple/ certain types of apps yourself. But today, you can build almost ANY app without code.



✅ Education Apps

✅ Social Apps

✅ Marketplace Apps

✅ Matching/ Recommendation Apps

✅ Directory Apps

✅ Process Tracking Apps

✅ Uber-style Apps

✅ Tinder-style Apps

✅ AirBnB-style Apps



Apps Without Code Bootcamp Registration closes

It's gonna be epic. Will you be joining me?









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Part 2: The App Marketing Blueprint


Once you build an app, you'll need a good marketing strategy!


What price 💰 should you charge? What types of customers are you going to start with? ðŸ¤·


I'll help you create a plan.... then give you all my:


✅ Email marketing templates

✅ Social media templates

✅ Digital marketing blueprints


Kim built an app to help successful women organize their busy lives. ðŸƒ‍♀️


She used these marketing tactics and instantly ðŸ‘€ got paying app clients

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Paige built an app to help mental health counselors track required training hours â¤ï¸


She took a process that people in her profession do manually ðŸ§ , and turned it digital


Paige launched her app, figured out pricing, & monetized it (got paying customers) in 8 weeks!! ðŸŽ‰

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Josh made $300,000

He created an app for middle schools to teach music lessons.👇

Josh's app ðŸ“± makes it easy for schools to offer music classes... even if they've had their arts budgets cus. ðŸ˜Ž

Students can compose songs & collaborate on assignments!


Part 3: I'll Build the App For You... If You'd Prefer


You choose...


30% of the entrepreneurs I coach prefer me to simply build the app FOR them â°


Once ☝️ you're inside Bootcamp we can discuss this as an option (for an additional fee)


It'll take me 4 weeks to finish your app and I ONLY offer this for existing Bootcamp students â¤ï¸

Check out these App Examples!!

Some people assume you can only build simple/ certain types of apps yourself. But today, you can build almost ANY app without code.




It's time to Join 

Apps Without Code  Bootamp

the coaching & confidence you need to launch your app unique idea!









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